RPC-SP2, which is a Remote Power Controller, can allow the connected electric devices to be switched on and off respectively through networks and Internet with a simple mouse-click without any additional management web server installation. It has its own IP address, an Ethernet port, and an embedded web server for simple operation from any web browser.
RPC-SP2 back
Input power 110~220VAC / 20A
Output switching power 110~220VAC / 10A x 2CH
Number of switching outlet AC Power - 2CH
DC booting power - 3CH
CPU ARM 32bit Cortex-M3 Core 96 MHz
Flash Memory : 2x128 Kbytes
SRAM : 52 Kbytes
I/O Port RS-232 : DB9 x 1ea
DC Control : T/B x 3ea
Power consumption 6W
Network interface WAN, LAN (RJ-45 x 2ea)
Display panel 7-Segment
: AC current per each outlet
6 LEDs
: Status - Power, CPU, AC outlet(x2ea), DC link(x3ea)
Operating Temp.&Humi Temp. : -20 ~ +50 ℃
Humi. : 10 ~ 90 %
Size Based on outer case (Except handle)
332 x 114 x 71mm (WxDxH)
RPC-SP2 front image

* Real time monitoring
- Status of an each outlet switch, current, and temperature inside.

* Control an each AC outlet switch
- Control an each outlet switch to be on or off

* Auto-repower AC outlet up
- Set time for the auto-restart power on

* Electric safety circuit
- Electric fuse and circuit breaker
- Warning message and shut down automatically over 12A current per an each outlet

* Additional function
- integrated temperature sensor / RS-232 serial interface

* No additional management web server
- cost saving for installation &management

* No additional network device in case of Static IP and intra network

* DHCP : with using the DDNS function of router

RPC-SP2 control web page

:: RPC-SP2 WebUI ::