The RPC-TP100 can control and monitor remotely an electric power into the connected electric device which have less than 100 ampere current capacity and 440Vac(3Φ3W or 3Φ4W) such as elevating system, air conditioner, factory automation, and other industrial use. (Costom made product)
Input power 220~440VAC / 100A (3Φ3W or 3Φ4W)
Output switching power 220~440VAC / 100A (3Φ3W or 3Φ4W)
System power DC 12V/2A (additional AC-DC converter)
Number of switching outlet AC Power - 1CH / Terminal block
CPU ARM 32bit Cortex-M3 Core 96 MHz
Flash Memory : 2x128 Kbytes
SRAM : 52 Kbytes
Power consumption 6W
Network interface WAN, LAN (RJ-45 x 2ea)
Display panel 7-Segment : AC current
5 LEDs
: Status - Power, CPU, R, S, T
Operating Temp.&Humi Temp. : -20 ~ +50 ℃
Humi. : 10 ~ 90 %
Size Based on outer case (Except handel)
310 x 149 x 186mm (WxDxH)
RPC-TP100 rear image
RPC-TP100 front image

* Real time monitoring
- Status of AC outlet switch, current, electric power and temperature.

* Control an each AC outlet switch
- Control AC outlet switch to be on and off

* Auto-repower AC outlet up
- time set for the auto-repower AC outlet

* Electric safety circuit
- Warning message and switch off automatically over 100A current for AC outlet

* Additional function
- integrated temperature sensor

* No additional management web server
- cost saving for installation &management

* No additional network device in case of Static IP and intra network

* DHCP : with using the DDNS function of router

RPC-TP100 control web page

:: RPC-TP100 WebUI ::